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What if my stuff gets broken?

We honestly believe a theft is highly unlikely, but it is possible and accidents happen. Here are our solutions.
  • Verified Identity: Users pay with a credit card and have the option to verify their home address, phone number and Facebook account. So you know who you're renting to and if they don't verify enough then just reject the request.
  • Hold a Deposit: You decide the deposit amount you need. If there's an issue, and the renter doesn't make it right, you keep the deposit.
  • Home Insurance: Talk to your home insurance provider. They should cover any theft, but keep in mind they probably won't cover damage and you may have a high deductible.
  • We'll Oversee It: If you're still uncomfortable, contact us and we will meet you at your garage, inspect the item and oversee the transactions for free. You can't go wrong there!